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Mary J. Morton is a certified personal and executive coach, speaker and facilitator on a mission to help people maximize their personal and professional potential.

After nearly 22 years with global powerhouse NIKE, Inc., Mary has transitioned her professional talents to breathe life into dormant and undiscovered purpose lying within people.

Mary’s extensive background with over 25 years of experience as a Human Resource professional - serving thousands of employees including executives, front line managers, employees and teams, has uniquely prepared her to work with individuals to eliminate obstacles to their success.  

Her ability to authentically connect with people is a gift, and it has been instrumental to her work with individuals looking to optimize their performance for the future.  Mary is passionate about helping people and has spent much of her career providing support through change and transition.

Mary is a trusted advisor who many have sought counsel for their career, relationship, and spiritual journey. Her skills in asking powerful questions lead her clients to actions that produce lasting results and empowers them to live their best life.  Mary believes that every person is born with purpose, however, she understands that it is a natural state for humans to get stuck - she partners with them through a creative and thought provoking process to move them from where they are to where they are purposed to be.


A coach focuses on helping you walk your unique path to success. As the client, you are responsible for the results you receive as a result of coaching. I help you discover how to become more of who you need to be to achieve those results and identify what you may need to do differently.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.



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“I have had the pleasure of working with MJM Coaching Services over the past couple of months. Each session has been motivating, thought provoking and challenging. Mary creates a safe and professional atmosphere that allows me to be open and honest with the hidden things within.  She has challenged me to pull back the layers and get to the very root of hindrances that has caused me to pause in life. As a result, I feel lifted from the uncharted waters that I have been standing in for years. With her assistance, I now have forward thinking and upward movement to impact my surroundings.”

Valorie H. Oklahoma

“I was at a crossroad of decision making and was insecure about which direction I should consider. One conversation with Mary and not only did the direction become clearer but she challenged my doubts and by the end of that session I felt renewed in the confidence I needed to move forward. Mary's coaching style is true to her warm and genuine personality while also strongly skillful in bringing clarity as she guides you step by step untangling complicated matters. I highly recommend Coach Mary Morton as a Personal and Executive Coach!”

Mary M. Oregon

“I have the great pleasure to work with Mary as my everything in life coach. As a coach Mary is knowledgeable, intentional, and patient. She has walked me right into my purpose through challenging, inspiring and supporting me. Mary is a coach who will equip you to succeed and excel beyond what you thought possible. She is a joy to work with a positive spirit with an encouraging heart and insightful mind.”

Domonique D. Oregon

“From the moment I hungered and prayed for wise counsel, I always envisioned an elderly “War room” type woman sharing her life lessons and nuggets with me. Well, that was my plan and God had his. For a year or more I fervently sought for someone and the last three months of my search I had an urge to check out a person, in particular, that was far from the elderly image in my head, but she possessed the poise, integrity and most importantly the wisdom of the “War room” lady, just not the look.  After vetting out Mrs. Morton and getting the go-ahead that I could trust her, I asked would she mentor me, and she agreed. For the past 8 months, I have grown, been stretched past my comfort zone as well as asked and answered questions that were already inside of ME! She has gone from being my mentor to my coach showing her growth and evolvement as an individual as well. If you are in need of a no judgment, compassionate and professional coach Mary Morton is for you. You will never be the same again and THAT is the ultimate goal, my friend. Thanks Mary!”

Angela Y. Georgia

“Since Mary began coaching me in August 2018 in regard to overcoming procrastination and figuring out my next step, I have completed every assignment from our sessions, including daily tasks at-hand. Consequently, my passion to provide services to young girls and women has been rekindled and I independently think and plan my next steps without procrastinating. I believe Mary has truly been the catalyst I needed to resume and operate in my purpose. Thank you very much Mary and I look forward to future coaching sessions.”

Mary C. New Jersey 

"MJM coaching has been a pure blessing in this season of my life. Our sessions ignite passion, purpose and a good sense of focus… Mary is authentic, graceful, knowledgeable, thought-provoking, flexible and professional. She has assisted me in growing personally, professionally and spiritually. Her intentions are communicated and her impact is positive. I’m grateful to have her as a coach, and highly recommend her.”

Stephenie W.S. Washington

“I saw a breakthrough in my professional life after the first meeting. Mary has a way of getting down to the core of a thing and helping you find your hidden gifts. I highly recommend her services to anybody in line for a promotion or seeking a career change.’

Sommer M. Oregon



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